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If you are a bank, I know you are not in the business of operating a car wash, you're in the business of protecting your assets while maximizing shareholder value. You're looking to sell an REO quickly, but that doesn't happen with failed special purpose properties.

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car wash owners

It doesn't matter whether you are an absentee owner, or an owner/operator, you need to stop treating it as a car wash and start treating it like a professional business. We can do the management for you, or we can train your existing management. Either way, you need to make a choice so that you can start profiting now!

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about car wash management services

Car Wash Management Services specializes in managing and rehabilitating bank owned and/or absentee owned car washes. Whether you are an asset manager, landlord, or owner/operator, we offer and customize solutions to meet your car wash management needs and goals. We can manage payroll, accounting, banking, and all aspects human resources. We are able to provide you with daily, weekly, and monthly sales and profit and loss reports.

It is important that you realize, we are small business owners and professional with decades of experience running intricate small businesses. Our backgrounds are finance, accounting, management, marketing, military, and customer service. We are small business professionals first and car wash professionals second. It is our opinion that many car washes fail because they are owned and operated by people with zero experience outside of a car wash. They have never had to compete with competition on any basis other than location. We are able to provide the professionalism and experience to make that car wash succeed.

Our car wash management team is able to efficiently operate every aspect of the car wash business. Our car wash management team can market your car wash’s products and services so that the car wash ticket average increases dramatically. Our car wash managers will hire and train new employees and managers to increase efficiency and quality, while decreasing labor costs. The car wash managers will greatly increase the car wash detailing revenue, thus providing your car wash with a substantial increase in Net Operating Income. Car Wash Management Services will hire a professional sales greeter so every customer knows their options and revenue is maximized. Car Wash Management Services is able to act as a court appointed receiver for the car wash in instances of bankruptcy. We can operate and manage bank owned car washes and REO car washes. Whether the car wash is a full, flex, or express service, we specialize in managing bank owned and REO car washes. If you have an absentee owned car wash, relax, because we can efficiently manage it for you and give you daily, weekly, and monthly reporting.

If the car wash is in any stage of foreclosure or bankruptcy, give us a call because we can help. We can implement a strategy where the business is only closed for a day, and thus the customers don’t miss a beat.